Volume 2, Issue 2 • Spring 2013

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Family-Focused Juvenile Reentry Services: A Quasi-Experimental Design Evaluation of Recidivism Outcomes

An Outcome-based Evaluation of Functional Family Therapy for Youth with Behavioral Problems

One Family, One Judge Practice Effects on Children: Permanency Outcomes on Case Closure and Beyond

Parental Acceptance-Rejection Theory and Court-Involved Adolescent Females: An Exploration of Parent-Child Relationships and Student-Teacher Relationships

Relating Resilience Factors and Decision Making in Two Groups of Underserved Adolescents: Implications for Intervention

An Examination of the Early “Strains” of Imprisonment Among Young Offenders Incarcerated for Serious Crimes


Journal of Juvenile Justice Cover

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Journal of Juvenile Justice. For the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), this peer-reviewed journal provides a venue to engage the juvenile justice community in an ongoing dialogue about what works in juvenile justice and what is worth further examination or replication. Equally, we want to know what does not work and why, and encourage our partners in the field to test whether innovative programs and initiatives can improve on models already identified as evidence-based. Our goal is to ensure that sound theory underlies all our juvenile justice programming and that we continue to move the field forward by demonstrating how evidence can be successfully infused into policy and practice.

Before coming to OJJDP, I served as a trial lawyer at the Defender Association of Philadelphia for 27 years and as the chief of the Juvenile Unit for 16 years. It should come as little surprise that I bring to my job as OJJDP Administrator deep concerns about the daunting challenges that children who have entered the juvenile justice system face. If we are to help them successfully navigate the difficult process of growing up and become contributors to their communities, it is imperative that we examine the issues that hinder their potential and look to the latest science to discover how we can best help them.

In this issue, we continue to present articles that are informative and have practical application to those of us who work with youth. You will find articles on whether family-focused juvenile probation services effectively reduce recidivism, the strains on serious juvenile offenders adjusting to incarceration, and the one family, one judge model of decision making in juvenile dependency and delinquency cases. Because OJJDP has long recognized the need for research to understand how experiences at an early age can have wide-ranging effects on a child’s life, we have articles on the effects of parental and teacher rejection among courtinvolved adolescent females, an evaluation of the impact of Functional Family Therapy on the behavior of at-risk youth, and resiliency factors and decision making among underserved youth.

One of the key components of OJJDP’s mission is the development and dissemination of knowledge garnered through research and evaluation. Our goal is to foster intelligent discussion on how to prevent juvenile delinquency and victimization and improve the juvenile justice system. We are interested in hearing from our readers about what you would like to see in future issues of this journal, and of course, if you are a researcher, we are very interested in your manuscripts.

As I begin my leadership at OJJDP, I look forward to a long and rewarding conversation on matters of juvenile justice—a conversation fueled in part by the ideas and knowledge shared in this journal. I encourage your involvement and contributions.

Robert L. Listenbee
Administrator of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention


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Monica L.P. Robbers, Ph.D.

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Peer Reviewers

Dr. Sandra L. Miller-Jones,
Kent State University

Dr. Michael T. Baglivio,
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

Dr. Dori Barnett,
Orange County Department of Education, California

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Office of the Attorney General, State of Vermont

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County of Tuolumne, California

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Catalyst for Youth Executive Director, California

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Wayne State University

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The Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute, North Carolina

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Cook County Juvenile Probation Department

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University of South Florida

Paul Gerard Anderson,
Independent Consultant

Nigel J. Cohen,
United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas

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Seton Hill University

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University of Central Florida

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Smith College, Rhode Island

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Capital University, Ohio

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The College of Wooster

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Independent Consultant

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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Schakenbosch, Secure Residential Youthcare (researcher)

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Utah Youth Village

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The University of Toledo

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Currell College, South Carolina

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Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS) and Family and Juvenile Courts

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National Indian Youth Leadership Project, New Mexico

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Florida’s Children First

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Sin Fronteras, California

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Licensed Psychologist, Pennsylvania

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University of Nevada, Reno
The Training and Research Institute, Inc. (TRI)

Dr. Joseph J. Cocozza,
Policy Research Associates, Inc., New York

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Connections For Families, Colorado

Dr. Amy Garbrecht,
Butler County Juvenile Rehab, Ohio

Dr. Milisav (Mike) Ilic,
The Corona-Norco Unified School District, California

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The University Of Utah

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Hunter College of the City University of New York

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Private Practice, Virginia

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AS220 Youth Director

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Southern University at New Orleans

Dr. Shannon E. Myrick,
Portland State University

Maj. Thomas D. Perks,
Salvation Army – Massachusetts, Ohio

Dr. Lisa Rapp-Paglicci,
University of South Florida

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